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Endo Girls

the ongoing saga of bloody pain

the endometriosis community
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This community was created to provide information on endometriosis, as well as being a place to talk about your treatment, your pain, your experiences, your frustrations, and to ask questions. It's a place to come together with other endo survivors... provide moral support, give tips and tricks that you've found helpful. It's a place to talk about endo and whatever is on your mind about it. Do not ever feel afraid to post anything.

It may get graphic in here!

Disclaimer: The contents (posts and comments) of this community do not replace professional medical advice. Please seek medical attention regarding treatment options specific to your body and any risks and/ or side effects that may occur during your treatment. We cannot diagnose ailments, illnesses or disorders over the internet, and all suggestions are taken at your own risk. Remember that certain medications (pharmaceutical and natural) do not mix well with others, and can cause more harm than good. You can ask a pharmacist for any questions you may have regarding medications and if they are suitable to take with other treatments, including if you have other conditions. For example, while someone may suggest taking evening primrose oil for PMS, menstrual cramps, etc., but it is not safe to take this if you have epilepsy, therefore please ask a pharmacist and/ or medical care provider about the safety of taking any medication/ treatment. However, please ask any questions about anything, as well as comment on how you are feeling while taking certain medications, what you have found works, etc.

New Members: If you are a new member (or would like to ask a question that has probably most likely already been asked, for example, "please tell me your experiences while being on lupron") PLEASE see the tagging system! On the left side of the main page is a very long list of topics, and if you click on one you'll get a bunch of related posts. There are also memory sections. Please still feel free to post an intro post, or if you feel your question wasn't adequately answered after reading the posts in the tagging system, then ask away... this is not to discourage anyone from asking questions, but please understand that this is a large community, and we often find ourselves answering the same questions multiple times a week. Seeing other people's responses from former posts may even bring to mind other questions or concerns that you may want to address.

The Mods This community is closely monitored. Memberships will be evaluated and members will be suspended and/or banned at the discretion of the moderators. You will likely receive a warning first, however this is not always the case. We have had enough drama in the past, we don't want more. If a moderator requests that you edit a post's content, you are expected to do so promptly. These requests are not up for debate. Failure to do so will result in your post being removed from the community. Just because you do not find something offensive, that does not mean that others will not be offended by it. It is our responsibility, all of us, to make this a safe place for everyone. If you feel there is something we've missed, please feel free to contact any of us via email, at the bottom of the page. Please do not contact us via our personal journals with community-related concerns.

* * * * *

Guidelines of the community

1. There have been disputes in the past about the content of posts. Anything you want to say (as long as it relates to endo) is allowed to be posted, providing it is not abusive, attacking, baiting, etc. towards another member. If the mods see any personal attacking going on they will post a 'mod warning'. If this happens on a consistent basis, membership will need to be discussed and may need to be reconsidered.

2. We are not here to debate and argue about what "the truth" of endo is. If you want to debate, do NOT do it here. We are here to SUPPORT each other, not to fight with one another. Flaming will result in an automatic ban. This is common sense.. if you don’t like someone’s post, simply move on. Don’t comment just to tell them how much you disagree. It’s just plain rude and a waste of time.

3. LJ-cuts - Please put any potentially triggering post, such as one discussing rape, abuse, pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion, behind an LJ cut. We also request that pictures or especially long posts are placed behind a cut, for the benefit of those of our members on dial-up.

4. Racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist (etc.) attitudes will NOT be tolerated. Behavior such as this will result in an automatic & immediate ban.

5. While the majority of the members here are biologically self-identified females, we would also like to recognize that it is not just this population that is affected by endo. There are endo survivors who identify with being gender neutral, intersexed, female-to-male (ftm) and/ or are in the process of transitioning. Anyone suffering from and surviving endo needs to have access to as much support as anyone else regardless of gender.

6. Endo is tricky. We are all affected differently, with different symptoms and different treatments affect us all differently (can we say “different” more?) Some of us use only natural treatment, some use only pharmaceutical treatment, some use both, and some choose not to use any. Please respect this. We use what works for us. Please don’t ever judge someone based on what treatment method they decide to go with/ not go with -- we all know what is best for our own bodies and we all have our own reasons for whatever path we may decide to follow.

7. Some of us have children, some of us want children, some of us are childfree. Please respect this. Please do not ever judge someone based on their opinions on their fertility and right to their body regarding reproduction.

8. Making people feel bad because their body is restricting them from doing certain activities (working out, walking, running, having sex, etc.) will not be tolerated, nor is judging people on their choice of treatment. Both of these will result in a prompt ban. We're here to support in whatever that may mean for each individual -- end of story.

9. Please add a subject heading to each entry (relating to the context of your post) in order for memory archiving to be easy, and also for members to have an easier time searching through the calendar.

10. Community promotion postings are totally and absolutely acceptable and encouraged if you have created a new community or have become part of one and would like to make a posting about it -- as long as it is somewhat in the “realm” of health and body issues. Postings about new medical literature, findings, medications, treatments, etc. is acceptable as well.

11. Please make your post in a standard font and color size.

* * * * *
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Current moderator contact info:
cathubodva at sillygoosedoll@hotmail.com
ripleyflutterby at lizbarry15@hotmail.com
angry_phoenix at luckybamboo_@hotmail.com
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