August 24th, 2009


What I Should Have Said

I posted this to my own LJ, but then I decided to post it here, as well.  You ladies will at least understand where I'm coming from and how I feel.  I know it's long, but I needed to vent it all out for a change instead of just stuffing it down...

I was at the pharmacy today, waiting in line, feeling just fine, when I was suddenly doubled over with a cramp.  A lot of them I can ignore and just move through.  This one I could not.  I clutched my middle, took a deep breath, and did my best to straighten up.  The woman in line behind me was maybe 30 years old, and she was quite concerned, asking me if I was alright.  I told her that I was fine.  She kept asking over and over if I was sure.  By that point, I really WAS fine.  It had gone as quickly as it had come. 


I suppose I should have just kept insisting that I was fine and not tried to reassure her via elaboration.  However, I did not.  I said, “I have endometriosis, so the pains come and go a lot, but I really am alright.”  That reassured her alright.  She replied, “Oh endometriosis.  That’s nothing right?  That’s just a bad period right?  I get those.  I know what that’s like, girl.”  Oh okay then.  Well good.  I didn’t say anything else once she was reassured that I was fine because endometriosis is “nothing”, but I seethed all the way home.


This is what I SHOULD have said:



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My Sexy Shot


So I'm over a month into an intense workout regimen. I do things like flipping tires and other "different" types of strength building exercises, along with the normal stuff. I also do yoga. I work with a personal trainer in a group setting, and am doing all I can to achieve my fitness goals.

I have found that recently my endo has been acting up more than usual. I'm wondering if it's a result of the intense working out. I need to lose weight and I'm really enjoying the training. I am not willing to give up working out, even if it's making my endo worse.

Question is, is it possible that all the physical activity is making my endo worse? I'm not sure how that would work, but have heard enough stories about gals who try and can't work out because of it. For those who are into fitness routines, what do you do besides pain pills to help with the pain afterwards? For example would ice be better than heat? I'm just trying to find ways to conquer this stupid disease.

I used to be in such great shape and stopped because of the endo, and subsequently put on 30lbs. I'm not gonna let it win again. If I have to deal, then I have to deal. Just thought I'd ask ;o)
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bitch jk


Ok so I read a million horror stories, and was so against getting the shot, but me and one of my doctors ultimately agreed its something I should try. So I got it a week ago today.
Since then I've lost 9lbs almost 10lbs [from 176.8 to 167.3]

Is that normal???

I'll eat a small amount because any more and I feel really sick, but an hour later I shake so bad from being hungry, but am full so thinking of food makes me sick so I don't eat until I actually feel true hunger [does any of that make sense?? My body says EAAAT but my stomach says NO IM FULL]. I've also noticed I get a lot of energy from little food for about an hour or two. I try to eat more than I do but I physically can't.

Is any of this something someone else experienced? Did anyone lose weight? Does it keep happening, or stop, or do you end up gaining it back and more? I'm SO not complaining I'm losing weight!! haha I just want to know if it happens to other people, and if it will come back after another few weeks.