Abandon Thought and Let the Dream Descend (evilaphrodesia) wrote in endometriosis,
Abandon Thought and Let the Dream Descend

Ovary removal?

Hi ladies-- I am having yet another lap in a month. I had a huge cyst rupture a couple weeks ago and since then I can barely be on my feet, and doctors have determined endo is severe enough to do another lap. I'm also having a LUNA which I had several years ago. There is the option to remove my right ovary, which is where all my endo comes from/grows and the one that always gets cysts. I am wondering if any of you have had an ovary removed and what the outcome was. Did it help with your endo, with cysts? I'm only worried that my fertility will decrease-- it took me over 6 years to conceive my son-- and/or that the problems will just move to the left side. I'm weighing the pros and cons but getting some firsthand accounts is always helpful. When it comes to quality of life mine is very low lately, and I haven't been myself in a long time. I'm looking forward to the relief surgery brings and completely trust in my doctors (husband and wife superteam)!
Thanks in advance.

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