Natalia (softy5310) wrote in endometriosis,

My first post in a while.


I’ve posted here a couple of times. I have a long history of Dermoid cysts. Have had three surgeries to remove them. My body knows when it’s time to pop out more cysts, as my surgeries had almost all been exactly two years apart, to the day. I’m 30, and am blind. I have a long history of extremely severe depression, PTSD, and suicidal ideation, as well. This was partially due to all my girl issues, though it started when I was a kid, due to a load of family trauma and kept going for years. I am thankfully not suicidal now and haven’t been for four years. I still have the PTSD, though it’s not severe and my depression is manageable.

I’ve always had very heavy periods. Many times, I would leak through at school despite my best efforts and the use of super heavy pads/tampons. I use the cup and Luna pads now and have blood clots, sometimes, which take up most of the cups’ capacity. I have had more ultra sounds than I can count in the last seven years. My cyst issues started with being in so much pain, I thought I was going to pass out, one night after returning from the bathroom. I could do nothing except writhe in pain for a couple of hours. My then-fiancé woke up and asked if I wanted to go to the ER. I couldn’t have walked at that point, even if I’d tried, so I said no because I knew he couldn’t have carried me out of our apartment. He was blind as well. I went in a couple of days later, because the pain wasn’t as bad, but it was still there. They ran tests, and tests, and then some more tests on top of those tests. They found nothing and kept asking if I was sure, I was in pain. I’ve had a history of not being believed about things in my life, so this did not help me feel good at all. Finally, after hours of testing, they got the bright idea to do an ultrasound and discovered I had a Dermoid cyst, which had ruptured. I had other cysts as well. Therefore, they removed them in November of 2006. I had cysts on both ovaries.

Take Care,

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