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1st appt w/ new OB/GYN on Monday....tips on questions to ask welcomed!  
11th-Apr-2013 02:46 pm
Yesssss! I finally have an appointment for this upcoming Monday with my OB/GYN. Its with my local county hospital so all i have to pay is a $10 copay which is amazing! I am nervous because it has been 3+ years since i have seen a doctor. I started my cycle today with the usual nausea, vommittng, diarreah, painful urination, severe cramping, joint/back pain, hot flashes, weakness, dizziness and hand tremors. I will still have my period on the day of my appointment but it will be my last day so the lightest. Will that change my appointment at all? What should I take with me to my appointment? I don't have my old medical records from my old OB because it was over 6+ years ago. Will I need those? Will I need my records from ER visits? Sorry if those are stupid question but I just want to make sure i am prepared.

If you have any topics or questions you think i should ask that would be awesome!
11th-Apr-2013 07:19 pm (UTC)
You are not stupid and these questions are great ones!

Bring everything you can. If you don't have stuff -- don't worry.

If you have charts you make yourself that show your cycles and your symptoms -- that helped me a lot when I was first seeing an OB/GYN.

Since you haven't been to a doctor in a while, maybe treat this like a fresh start. If you start having tests done, ask for photocopies of the results for your own file. That way if you ever switch doctors you know you have your own file as a backup.

Take a list of questions with you and don't let them rush your appointment. Ask what your symptoms could mean, and what testing routes are. Ask what treatment possibilities might be. Ask if there is anything you can do in the meantime to get some relief.

Good luck. Keep us posted!
11th-Apr-2013 08:40 pm (UTC)
:) I have made a list of all my signs as well as charted my periods as of this month. I missed my period last month so I will just continue charting into the next. The chart includes specifics like blood flow and color.

Great advice on getting copies of tests. I know I want to look into my throid nodule as well as get a ultrasound or my pelvic pain. I also just finished my list of questions.

Thanks again!
11th-Apr-2013 09:04 pm (UTC)
You sound so in charge and on top of things! You're going to do great!
11th-Apr-2013 10:41 pm (UTC)
I'm just ready to know what's wrong with me and be treated so whatever it takes. :( I am a lot closer now so I feel better.
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